Crazy scootering lady?


This is my trusty scooter. It hasn’t got a name but it is my latest alternative mode of transport. For financial reasons, I sold my car about 18 months ago and I now have a CityWide travel pass which I think is a fabulous invention by South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive. I hop off and on buses and trams with gay abandon, flashing my pass to the driver/conductor and not having to worry about finding change or what travel company it is. It’s awesome. For more info on the CityWide ticket click here CityWide ticket.

However, I digress. As you know Sheffield has loads of hills. My commute to the day job takes me down a hill and then along a flatish main road. I tried cycling last year but I never felt safe cycling back up the hill in a 40 zone. I always felt that my ideal scenario would be to get to work under my own steam and then get the bus to take me home. The bike I had was borrowed and it couldn’t fold up. I couldn’t afford a folding bike of my own so after a fair bit of research, scooting seemed to be the best option.


So here she is unfolded. If you want to know the make and model, it’s this one Oxelo Town 9. And what do I think of my scooter?

The good points:
• it’s fun
• it cuts my commute by a third if I was to walk
• the brake is good, although it is a gradual stopping brake, you can’t slam it on, although it is easy to jump off
• it has suspension which is helpful on Sheffield’s bumpy streets
• it’s good exercise,  I can feel both legs working as I scoot along
• I can go to the park with my daughter and have fun with her
• I can fold it up and stow it under my desk and take it on the bus
• it is possible to drag along while folded

The bad points:
• you can’t use it when it’s wet as the brake would he useless
• it can be a bit heavy to carry but I can drag it so not really a problem
• ideally, I would also like a front brake

Sometimes, as I am scooting along I wonder what I look like (probably very cool, (ahem)) but I have long since given up worrying about that. Occasionally I get slightly worried by the hill when I am coming down but I haven’t come a cropper yet. I would recommend scooting as a way of commuting or for leisure as it’s great fun and a bit different.

PLEASE NOTE: I have not been given any of the things mentioned in this blog entry.


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